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Caleb Cascio, a 17-year-old pop artist from North Shore, MA, masterfully melds the worlds of contemporary pop, folk-pop, and Christian music into a harmonious blend. Whether it's for a handful of listeners or a roaring crowd of thousands, Caleb's dedication to his craft shines through in each performance, with every note echoing precision and passion.

Born with Autism, the initial years of Caleb's life presented unique challenges. The commitment of his family was unwavering, dedicating over 30 hours weekly to multiple therapies that aided his development. It was during this tumultuous period that a beacon of light emerged for Caleb: his first guitar. With strums and melodies, music became his language, allowing him to forge connections and express himself in profound ways.

By 2nd grade, Caleb's journey inspired his Aunt to form a team for Autism Speaks-New England, named "Caleb's Connection." Their spirited fundraising efforts, from kick-off events to yard sales, not only amassed over $5,000 per occasion but also cemented Caleb's place in the hearts of the Autism Speaks community. Recognizing his resilience and charm, they appointed him as the poster child for their New England Chapter. This newfound role saw Caleb appearing in a commercial for Bob's Furniture and partnering with David Wade from WBZ-4 in promotions for the Autism Speaks Walk. Moreover, his musical talents have graced the stages of iconic venues like Fenway Park, the Xfinity Center, and events like the Special Olympics. Caleb's recent accolades also include a lead vocalist spot on the All You Got Tour Band and two years with Performers on the Go's summer/fall tour. Caleb's story is not just one of overcoming challenges, but of channeling them into a powerful message of hope and unity through music.

Caleb Cascio, with his captivating original compositions, has amassed over 100,000 streams and earned a place on more than 200 playlists. His emotive sophomore track, “You’re Not Alone,” penned during the height of the Covid-19 quarantine, resonates universally. It offers solace and upliftment to those grappling with the pangs of solitude and distant human connections. Such is the impact of this song that it clinched the 2nd position at the “2021 Performers on the Go Song of the Year”. Furthermore, Caleb's burgeoning talent was spotlighted when he was recognized as the “Top Potential Artist” at the Young Performers Club talent showcase, held at Boston's Hard Rock Café. The subsequent year, his musical prowess secured him the title of "Top Pop Artist" at the 2022 talent showcase finals. Guiding him on this remarkable journey is Peter Thompsen, an esteemed musician, educator, and the driving force behind Brynn Cartelli's triumphant journey on NBC's The Voice.

Intricacies of friendships, the nuances of relationships, the exhilaration of social gatherings, and the adrenaline of amusement parks: these are the narratives that shape Caleb’s songs. His third single, aptly titled "Roller Coaster," released on 5/20/2022, is a thrilling ode to summer's escapades and the intoxicating whirlwind of love. With its infectious hooks and enchanting melodies, "Roller Coaster" is not just a must-have on playlists but also a potential viral sensation on platforms like TikTok, urging listeners to craft creative video narratives.

Amidst his association with Performers on the Go, Caleb has graced myriad New England stages, enchanting audiences at prominent venues like the Hard Rock Café and Loretta’s Last Call. His dedication to his craft is evident as he belts out hits in up to 30 shows annually, including performances at the popular Food Trucks of America events. Caleb’s journey, marked by rhythm, resonance, and relentless passion, promises a future that's as bright as his melodies.

Caleb Cascio is a singer-songwriter and pop, folk-pop and christian music artist from Boston, MA. He performs all year long with the Performers on the Go, LLC showcase events, church events and school shows and with his high school jazz band, doing over 30 shows a year. In January 2023 Caleb participated in the High School North District Choir performance in Boston. He recently placed 2nd in the Performers on the Go annual songwriting contest for his last single "You're not alone". His music is inspired by Taylor Swift and Lewis Capaldi.

Caleb penned "You're Not Alone" during quarantine as a heartening anthem for his friends, ensuring they recognized the ever-present support system just a call or click away. As the world pivoted to virtual interactions, Caleb became a beacon of hope, using his music to infuse a sense of calm and positivity amidst the prevailing uncertainty. The song's heartfelt lyrics became a salve for many, resonating with a powerful message: "It's going to be alright. Always remember you're not isolated. Your friends are by your side, urging you to stay resilient. You are never truly alone."

The inspiration for "You're Not Alone" crystallized from Caleb's own longing. He recalls, "The seeds for this song were sown in May 2020 when the absence of my friends and our former way of life started to weigh on me. Music has always been my refuge, and I believed this song could extend the same solace to others. Sharing it, I was struck by its universal appeal. Whether it's friendship, mental health, or spirituality, the song touched a chord with everyone. My primary hope? To kindle happiness and remind listeners of our collective strength."


“You’re not alone” is a song with a universal reach across the globe, providing comfort and hope at a time when most people were living with unknowns and daily uneasiness. The song’s main message that we have each other is powerful and encouraging. The song creates a glimmer of hope woven throughout that let you feel things will be okay.


The song was produced by James Zaner, Zippah Studios, and performed by Caleb Cascio on vocals, acoustic guitar and mandolin, and Owen Korzec on electric guitar, drums, bass, keys/piano, and percussion. Owen was also the instrumental producer and created the song’s arrangement. 

Caleb's top streaming release, “Rollercoaster” has 37,884 streams, and his debut single, “On Mars”, has just passed 36,400 streams on Spotify. “On Mars” followed a similar theme on the essence of friendship. The song is about about chilling out on Mars with his guitar, and wishing how he’d like his best friend to be there with him to share in the wonder of space. With "Roller Coaster" Caleb created an uplifting sonic experience that leans toward the positive aspects of unpredictability in relationships. Instead of the over hashed darker sentiment often associated with pop in love songs, “Rollercoaster", is about accepting that there are ups and downs in love, but never letting the downs prevent you from expressing that love.

Caleb has more songs in motion and plans to return to the studio very soon to record his fourth single, an upbeat get up and dance song.




















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