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Caleb Cascio is a 16-year-old pop artist from the North Shore of MA who is a serious performer and singer songwriter with a focus on contemporary pop. folk pop and Christian music. From an audience of a few to 1000’s, Caleb performs with precision and enthusiasm at all performances.

Caleb was diagnosed with Autism at a very young age. For the first three to four years of his life, he and his family spent over 30 hours a week in multiple therapies to help him in his development. When he received his first guitar was when things started to change for him, and he began singing and connecting to everything musical from that moment forward.

When Caleb was in 2nd Grade, his Aunt offered to start a team for Autism Speaks-New England to raise money for the cause he created, Caleb's Connection. They ran kick off events and hosted yard sales that raised over $5,000 per event. The Autism speaks community fell in love with Caleb and invited him to become the poster child for Autism in the New England Chapter. He was featured in a Bob's Furniture commercial, and was featured with David Wade from WBZ-4 as a promotion for the Autism Speaks Walk hosted, and has performed at Austism Speaks events at Fenway Park numerous times. as well as at the Xfinity Center, the Special Olympics and many community events. For two years he has participated in the Performers on the Go, summer/fall tour and was a lead vocalist in the tour band.

Caleb’s original music has surpassed 50,000 streams and has been placed on 175+ playlists. His recent release, “You’re not alone”, was written during Covid quarantine. The song has a universal reach and helps provide comfort and hope to those struggling with isolation and distanced friendships. The song was selected by a judging panel as the 2nd placed original song in the  “2021 Performers on the Go Song of the year” and was selected as the “Top potential artist” at the Young Performers Club talent showcase at the Boston Hard Rock Café, and has placed in the finals at other vocal competitions. He is coached by Peter Thompsen, award-winning musician and educator and coach for Brynn Cartelli, winner of The Voice.


Caleb enjoys writing about friendships, relationships and social recreation and the thrill of amusement parks.  The most recent release, "Roller coaster", was released May 20, 2022, and it has accumulated 20,000 streams in its first three months.

While with Performers on the Go, Caleb has performed on dozens of New England stages including the Hard Rock Café, Faneuil Hall, Loretta’s Last Call and at Food Trucks of America events, doing up to 30 shows a year. He also participates as a lead singer for his church services and holiday music events, and performs in his school's jazz band. His music is inspired by Taylor Swift and Lewis Capaldi.

Caleb wrote "You're not alone during quarantine to let his friends know they were not alone and had a support network a click or a call away. The virtual world kicked in and Caleb found ways to keep everyone calm and hopeful. The song’s lyrics provided comfort and reassurance at a time people’s lives were in an unknown place. The song’s poignant message was universal to all the world…” It’s gonna be OK. Always remember, you’re not alone, your friends are here, you must be strong, you’re not alone.”

“You’re not alone” is a song with a universal reach across the globe, providing comfort and hope at a time when most people were living with unknowns and daily uneasiness. The song’s main message that we have each other is powerful and encouraging. The song creates a glimmer of hope woven throughout that let you feel things will be okay. It captures the power of human emotions in a beautiful light.

The song was produced by James Zaner, Zippah Studios, and performed by Caleb Cascio on vocals, acoustic guitar and mandolin, and Owen Korzec on electric guitar, drums, bass, keys/piano, and percussion. Owen was also the assistant producer and created the song’s arrangement. 

While the melody holds its own as a charming sonic twinkle, it is the lyricism that highlights Cascio’s connection with modern-day audiences. Writing songs about relationships and life in general, Cascio uses his tracks to keep people calm and hopeful in an uncertain society. ‘Roller Coaster’ is about youthful romance – from meeting each other, through the honeymoon phase and beyond. Unlike many love songs that have a sense of despair as they look at the darker side of relationships, ‘Roller Coaster’ retains the positivity of romance.-The Other Side Reviews

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Over 30 cover songs

"Bless the broken road"
"Blinding lights"
"Ghost town"
"Don't stop believing"
"Castle on the hill"
"Somewhere over the rainbow"
"Use somebody"
"Miles above you"
"What they say"
"Look what they made me do"
"One thing"
"Proud to be an American"
"Stay, stay, stay"
"Treat you better"
"Bad habits"


100,000+ streams
"On Mars"
"You're not alone"
"Roller coaster"
"Blinding lights" cover

"Greatest potential performer" Hard Rock Cafe Young Performers Club Showcase

Placed 2nd in 2021 Performers on the Go, original  song competition

"Top Pop Artist" in 2022 18 & Under Talent Showcase Finals-Hard Rock Cafe



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